Ground protection for parking on grass or gravel with Aco Ground Guard

Ground protection for your grass

You can now have a hard-standing without the need to get planning permission and without losing draining. Thanks to Aco Ground Guard you can now park you car on your grass without damaging it.

Fill Aco Ground Guard with gravel

You can prevent your gravel from spreading, rutting, mounding and disappearing down the street too thanks to Ground Guard.

Fill Ground Guard with gravel and you have an attractive solution with none of the traditional downsides of a gravel driveway.

A ground reinforcement system that is both lightweight and exceptionally strong.

Made from 100% recycled polyethylene it creates a firm and even surface for paths, driveways and parking spaces.

  • Quick to install
  • Can be filled with gravel or planted with grass
  • Stops gravel movement
  • Prevents damage to grass

Have a driveway with no planning permission required

As ACO Ground Guard is over 90% porous, problems with surface water are much reduced which saves on the cost of more expensive drainage solutions or complicated planning.

To see examples of installations or discuss your specific needs in more detail just give Martin a call. Martin is always happy to help you work out the best solution for your needs.

We can supply and fit Ground Guard anywhere in Lancashire

It’s important to fit Ground Guard on a properly installed and correctly measured sub-base. As with so many aspects of building work, adequate preparation is the key to a successful execution.

Call Martin now on 01253 353627 or 07967 258435 for a FREE quote for your Ground Guard needs.

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